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I’m not really into the whole Monday crush Man and Woman crush Wednesday thingy, It always feels like a strained rhyme. But okay forget about me, by now you should know that I have never ending issues.
Today though, I carefully sorted out all the women who matter, worldwide and finally settled for the flawless Tyra Banks as my WCW. Wait, women can have those too right? Wouldn’t want to be branded some peculiar names even though I’m sure that Obama Barack would have my back on this one.

I dint choose her for her milky smooth skin and the banging body neither did I choose her for the fact that she can turn up a party to a whole new level or for the killer fashion style that she’s always got going on…I chose this forty year old woman because her existence makes this world a better place.
Kardashians, Braxton’s, Love and Hip hop, Christina Millan turned up and all other realities have never kept me seated locked on the screen. Too much drama, can’t deal. Again, don’t worry about me, I got issues; but season 21 of Americans Next top Model had one striking thing…one striking person actually who boosted my interest from 0-51 real quick.
Chantel Brown, Young ambitious girl with Vitiligo. Yep! Had the same look when I first heard that word. It’s a skin condition where the loss of pigment causes patches on the skin which appear light or white.


Tyra Banks’ move of personally contacting chantel after ‘stalking’ her instagram page for a while marked the turning point of her other side of life. The life that she thought she’d never have. The wild and flashy life, away from the mental torture and torment that she dealt with for years.
My WCW proved to millions that our weaknesses are what sometimes make us distinctively beautiful. Her attitude towards this talented model was beyond perfection. She dint care if people called her cow or zebra in the past, she dint show sympathy or special favor for her condition and that made Chantel feel normal, like she belonged…like one of the rest. The confidence that Tyra built in her made her learn to use her vitiligo to her advantage. She learnt to flaunt her body patches with pride and confidence in the runways.
I’m not saying that Tyra alone made the confidence happen but we gotta give her the biggest piece here….she sure did play a massive role so yea…go ahead, talk about her age, talk about how she’s gon die alone if not with 40cats, talk about her relationship twists that we’ve heard before….dating younger men and all but at the end of it all crown her the awesome titles that she deserves.
The world needs a few fun loving free spirited women who constantly make us feel good about ourselves. Women who brighten the dull days of our men and make them drool all over the screens because of how polished and tempting they look. The world needs women like these…those who keep the excitement going on, those who see beauty in our body features that make us feel insecure about ourselves.
Tyra Banks is extraordinary. Tyra Banks is a Bae and that gives her the privilege of being my first ever Woman Crush Wednesday.


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