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Love episode 20

To Love episode 20
I woked up quite earlier than i have been
for the past few days and i had no idea
why, maybe it’s the birthday anxiety but
why would i be anxious for a party that
isn’t even mine? After lots of buzz and
the over-hyped expectations, Friday is
finally here, Bidemi’s birthday is just in a
few hours. The IV says 3pm but trusting
my Nigerian people, i bet it’ll start later
than that. I looked and noticed Wale
isn’t in bed, i had falling asleep last
night while he was busy telling me his
plans for the birthday, he had vowed to
get the number of half the rich girls at
the party. Thinking about the birthday, i
suddenly realize i hadn’t wished my
girlfriend a happy birthday yet, i hurriedly
took my phone and dialled Bidemi’s
Bidemi: Ehnnnn O ga o! Mister boyfriend!
Calling 8:30 in the morning when other
people have been wishing his girlfriend
happy birthday since 12am.
Me: I’m really sorry Bee! I just woke up
and i called you as soon as i did.
Bidemi: it’s alright boyfriend! I
Me:Thanks…..So how is the birthday girl
feeling this morning??
Bidemi: She’s feeling on top of the world
with the calls she has been receiving
since midnight. But of course i couldn’t
wait to hear that special someone tell me
happy birthday you know…
Me: Hahahaha….. Happy Birthday Miss
Bidemi Adegboye! Today is definitely my
favorite day love.
Bidemi: Thank you! And why is today
your favourite?
Me: Because it is the day that my love
was given birth on. You know, if you
hadn’t been born, i would have created
you myself right?
Bidemi: (laughs ) I’m sure you would
have. Baby….. i think my dad’s calling
me, let’s talk later ok? And thank you for
the wishes.
Me: Ok Bee! We’ll talk soon. Wanna
freshen up too. Bye
Bidemi: Bye love!
I dropped the call and saw Wale come
inside the room holding a shirt
Me: Wale! I thought you ironed this shirt
yesterday, how many times you wan iron
am na?
Wale: Wetin be your own sef, na me get
shirt jor. I tell you sey i go hot for the
birthday mehn!.
Me: Hahahaha… if na you dey do party
nko? You go dey burn like fire shey?
Wale: Leave me jare.
Me: Hahaha… Anyways, have you seen
Mom this morning?
Wale: Yea i have but she’s left for work.
She made a few complaints about she
not wanting us to attend the party again.
Me: I told her everything would be fine
Wale: Yea but for real Dolly-p, you have
to stay as far away from Femi as
possible, He’s up to no good, i saw some
of his friends few days back and they
don’t look responsible at the slightest.
Me: Thanks brother! You know I’ll be
First it was Mom but now Wale is saying
almost the same things, perhaps i nees
to be scared but will Femi be so silly
enough to start a fight at the birthday
party of the girl he claims to love? I
don’t think so.
Bidemi’s dad( Mr Adegboye ) : My
pumpkin, i called you like 5mins ago and
you’re Just coming down
Bidemi: I’m sorry Dad, i was on the
phone, it has been ringing all day
Bidemi’s Dad: you see, everybody loves
my pumpkin!
Bidemi: Your pumpkin took after her
daddy you know.
Bidemi’s dad: Hahahaha. So i have
called some of the office boys to the
house so they can help you secure the
Bidemi: No dad! We talked about this,
It’s only a 17 year old girl’s birthday,
what could possibly go wrong?? The
presence of uniformed men will make my
guests uncomfortable
Bidemi’s dad: I know but security is
extremely important. Okay i will order
them to wear casual clothes, they
wouldn’t be in uniform
Bidemi: Still dad, they are like 28-35 year
old men in a birthday full of teenagers.
No daddy, i don’t want that jor
Bidemi’s dad: (sighs) I just want you to
not be in danger
Bidemi: It’s my birthday, everyone will be
here to celebrate with me, i won’t be in
any danger at all Dad. You have nothing
to worry about. Ok?
Bidemi’s Dad: Ok ok, today is your day,
you get to have everything you want, Ok
Bidemi: Thanks Dad! So i need to go get
my cake from the caterer like right now .
Bidemi’s Dad: (Points to the ce


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