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1. No Attachments Making friends and getting attached means sleepovers to their houses or requests to hang out at your room; you know you can’t allow that because no matter how much you clean your room, there will always be some little stenge left. Deep down, you would love to have those kinda nights like a normal teenager but the shame that comes with it in the morning makes you coil back to your dark corner and decline with whatever lame excuse you can come up with.


2. Dread the Nights As a bed wetter, you dread the nights. While everyone talks about how they can’t wait to get home and have a super nap, you pray to God to lengthen the day a little bit more because you’re scared of falling asleep. You try every little trick read from the internet to delay your sleep; from watching an entire series to taking pills to pacing around the room.


3. Hate the Holidays You naturally develop an intense hatred towards Holiday Seasons; Easter, Christmas, New Year…..because any holiday is considered a family gathering moment. Sharing of clothes, sharing of rooms, sharing of beds…your privacy is ripped apart. Your little cousins can’t understand why their older cousin still wets her bed or why she is always washing her bedding in the morning. You feel the shame when everyone suggests that you should take the shower first before anyone else.


4. No Cute Pajamas for you There is no way to sleep feeling pretty. You can’t buy those pretty colorful socks or wear the cute panda pajamas that can be posted in Instagram because what’s the point?? No matter how sexy you make yourself look before bed, you will always wake up soaked in wetness and smell plus we all know how heavy pajamas are; why not avoid the hustle of washing them everyday?


5. Avoids anything fun You are an awesome dancer, actress or even a soccer player but no! You gotta teach yourself the art of hating anything outdoor because that would only mean traveling with your teammates for tournaments and drama festivals and you cannot imagine the embarrassment of having to mess on your bed mate or having to take your mattress out in the morning with everyone watching. That includes your crush by the way.


6. Irritable It gradually damages you. Your daily attitude is determined by whether you wet your bed or not. You don’t intend to hurl mean deep insults to anyone but somehow they are usually there at a convenient time when you wanna vent. You become an angry person hating on life and sometimes, you’re forced to pick up a few bad habits; just a few, to help you manage your everyday embarrassments.


7. No late night drinks No thank you to any coffee or tea date past 4PM. You feel guilty every time you take a glass of water because to you, that’s just an ingredient to a bad morning and more sheets to clean. You don’t get it when people read and write about how good, water is for your health. From where you’re standing, you could pay to have someone suck all the liquids out of you if that was the only way to end your nightmare.


8. Relationship scares Yes so you found a guy who loves you and how you look and doesn’t see any fault in you; you give a pained sarcastic laugh when he calls you perfect as if to say ‘boy, you don’t know the half of what you’ve gotten yourself into’. You convince yourself that it is okay to keep a few dark sides from him and prefer going back home after hanging out. Sleeping over will only ruin what you have; you say. You teach your heart to remain distant because it’s just temporary. Marriage or kids are not in your future plans because you haven’t figured out how you would answer your children when they ask why their mum is still a bed wetter or why your bed is not as comfortable as that of Briana’s mum. It’s okay to have a few dark spots. You wet your bed, so what?? Clean yourself up in the morning; match outside with all the confidence when taking those bedding out, get attached and if some of your friends make you feel like it’s some kind of a disorder, cut those motherfuckers off, hell go savage and block their numbers; because it’s not a permanent condition. It’s a phase we all go through but somehow, yours lasted a little bit longer which is okay. Now baby, live life, break the sad chains, join as many fun activities as you can and you know what? Water is actually good for your health so take as much as you would want. Hailey Williams said, somehow everything’s gonna fall right into place; just breathe.


Ten Shambi

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